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A story about air pollution, global warming and teamwork
Living Green and the Smoke book coverLiving Green and the Smoke book cover

The award-winning book “Living Green and the smoke”, 2nd place in Purple Dragonfly Green-Environmental Book Awards 2023, Page Turner Awards 2023 Finalist, and a Literary Titan Silver Book Award 2023, will teach your child the values of teamwork, friendship and the importance of working together to save our planet Earth.

At the beginning of time, planet Earth was so new, pure, and clean. This allowed all the plants to walk around like people! If you listened carefully you could even hear their hearts beating! One day, when our heroes Mrs Florence and Mr Florian met for their daily chat, the forest was hot and full of smoke and black dust.
Where was that pollution coming from?
With friendship, cooperation and working as a team, the trees, plants and flowers solved the problem and saved the pure planet Earth from the climate change effects.

Editorial Reviews

"I highly recommend this informative picture book to educators and parents who want to introduce their young children to the idea of climate change and teamwork."
Literary Titan Award Review

"Wonderful illustrations and an inspiring message."
Tonya B, Educator, NetGalley Reviews

"Very cute children's book. I look forward to sharing it with young readers at one of our book readings."
Valerie K., Bookseller, BookBub Reviews

"Living Green and the Smoke is a must-read for parents who want to teach their children about environmental awareness in a fun and engaging way."
Abigail L., Librarian, NetGalley Reviews

"With themes of friendship, cooperation, and environmental awareness, this book is the perfect bedtime story to read to your child. Your child will learn important lessons while having fun on this fun and educational journey. "
Sue, Reviewer, Goodreads Reviews

"This educational picture book covers global warming, air pollution, and how to solve problems. This is a great resource to introduce your young children to the importance of keeping Planet Earth safe."
Queenie C, Educator, NetGalley Reviews

"Very cute children's book with a great message and wonderful illustrations."
Samantha A., Journalist, NetGalley Reviews

Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner seal
Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner seal
Literary Titan Book Award Winner seal
Literary Titan Book Award Winner seal
The day the plants stood still, but they are still alive
Living Green and the spell cover Readers Favorite 5 starsLiving Green and the spell cover Readers Favorite 5 stars

When the planet Earth was nearly born, plants and trees could walk and talk, living a happy life. One day, a “creature” came to Earth and had the intention of dominating them. Since then, the plants have stood still. However, they are still alive!
What would have happened that day?
A great book to introduce the concept of preservation of nature.This book is part of the "Living Green" series, picture books for children that promote environmental awareness, respect and friendship.

NetGalley review 5 stars to Living Green and the spell
NetGalley review 5 stars to Living Green and the spell

"Beyond just the mentality of recycling and picking up garbage as part of helping take care of the Earth, this book looks at our interactions with nature and promotes collaboration and problem solving to make lasting change in protecting our planet... The idea of villains and superheroes fighting over nature is also something that will interest young children. As a teacher, I could definitely see this book being part of my classroom library. I would recommend this book to parents and teachers of children in the 4-9 age range." Angie k, Educator - Netgalley Reviews

Living Green and the Lake Water by Florian Bushy
A Magical Story About the Importance of Forests to Preserve Lakes, Ponds and Rivers

Join us in an enchanting tale set in a time when our planet Earth was newly born. Trees and plants could walk, talk, and lead joyful lives. But as they faced drought and the effects of climate change, they had to discover a way to save their lake and the planet's water.

Living Green and the Lake Water is a perfect gift that combines the power of nature, teamwork, education, and fun! An enriching journey shaping values and actions for kids.

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