Meet the Award-Winning Author Florian Bushy

When Florian Bushy visited the ECO-92 - Earth Summit in June of 1992, his environmentalist side flourished. Since then, he has written books, produced more than 100 short documentaries for schools and sorted his rubbish for recycling, trying to make a difference on this planet.
Florian Bushy wants to show to kids that environmental protection, friendship and mutual respect can change the future of their home, called planet Earth.

Florian Bushy author of Living Green
Florian Bushy author of Living Green


Florian Bushy is the youngest in a large family. He was born at a difficult time for his parents, who lost a small business and suffered great losses. Therefore, his siblings started to work very early to help their parents pay the bills. They all worked during the day and studied in the evening to help the family. Two of Florian Bushy sisters chose a profession in which it is possible to start working early: Elementary Teacher Assistant.

Therefore, Florian Bushy, despite not being able to attend a private school, learned to read and write at the age of five with the help of his sisters. At the age of seven, he was already able to write short stories in a small notebook, which he had received from his mother. He enjoyed watching black and white old movies about spaceships, time travel and fantastic stories. Even if he had to cover his eyes to sleep and was afraid to go to the bathroom alone. A creature could be there!

In his adolescence, a time without ebooks and mobile phones, Florian Bushy used to lend books from libraries and read on the buses and trains on the way to work and school. He was always interested in history, social issues and fiction books. At that time, he read the book Chariots of Gods by Erich von Däniken and attended a lecture by the Spanish ufologist Jaime Lauda.

After receiving his Advertising & Marketing degree, Florian Bushy started working in a video production company and had the opportunity to travel to many countries writing and filming documentaries about environment preservation and History. So, he travelled around Egypt, filmed the Nazca Lines and other archaeological sites in Europe and South America. During that time, Florian Bushy had the inspiration to write “Living Green and the Spell”, a story influenced by “Chariots of Gods”, read and enjoyed a decade before.

Since then, in between jobs, Florian Bushy has never stopped writing and always wanted to work full-time as a Writer. And he is still working to achieve that.